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Anonymous asked: I'm getting one tommrow!


constellatxons asked: where can you buy them in Australia? And also what's the cheapest place you can buy them online?

I’m not sure store wise but amazon.com has them and will probably be the cheapest place to buy them.

radicaley-hype asked: I made my own wreck this journal with my friend... Is there any certain way I should do it? Are there certain things that has to be in it?

Nope. You do the journal how you want to do it because its suppose to essentially reflect you and your creative mind. Make it your own. Wreck it how you please and how you feel.
- Heather

Anonymous asked: Are all the journals the same

All the black ones are. I’m not sure if the red ones are any different.

Anonymous asked: Why does everybody get a black wreck this journal? Is it any better?

The black one was the original one. So that may be why everyone gets the black one. I’m not sure if the red one is any different. It could be worth a look to find out if its any different. But even if it is I’m sure it’s just as good.
- Heather

june23forever asked: how many pages do you do a day like are u meant to day a certain amount of pages a day?

You do as many pages a day as you want. There is no set number.

Anonymous asked: are the journals all different?

I know there are different editions of the journal. But the ones with the same covers have the same pages. I think. :)


Anonymous asked: I got my first wreck this journal and I can't wait to start it :D

That’s so exciting!

I just got mine back. Hopefully I can post some pages soon.

It’s been absolutely way too long since we’ve posted them.


Anonymous asked: Is red wreck this journal same as black one ? Are they all like the same ? :)

I’m not actually sure. I think the red one is the new edition, like it might have a few new pages? Anyone else know anything?


Anonymous asked: Are "wreck this journal" only for girls? Like I have been wanting one for a while but I don't feel like getting crap for it so can guys use them?

Definitely not! They’re for anyone. They’re actually not even that girly. Don’t let anyone ever give you crap for being creative.